Norn travel agency

Are you norns sad or even mad about thier life in you Albia? Are they ready for a good vacation in a strange world to discover? Or Do they need a relaxing place to calm down? Or do they want a place to romp and play and kick up thier heels? Well a norn vacation plan is the answer to all thoses questions!
There are four vacation plans to choose from:
Baby and child vacation: A place for kids to play not learn the word in Albia, a place for them to have fun with other young norns!
Rancho Relaxo: This offer is a good one for stressed norn sick of forceful breeding or having to do thing that the hand tells them. Here they can relax and do as they please.
Adventurer deluxe: This is for a norn that is sick of the famillar cobs and norns in his world. This is for norns that just want to explore not breed!
Female Vacation plan: I'm sure that your top breeding female norn is sick of labour and all that comes with it! So send her on this feminist vacation! It is all females and the can enjoy a good time with the same sex!

In rancho relaxo and the adventurers deluxe there is no restriction to breeding. SO you female may return with a son in thier temporary .zip home!
Please send the norn and a note pad including: Age, sex, breed, illnesses(if any), gene defects(if any) and information you think i need to know. back downtowm