Norn Breeding Farm

We have studs of all breeds! You are garenteed a baby and if your norn won't breed I with send you an interessting baby of my own!

* * *

Fox Norns

~Funky~: He is pure fox norn and is a very willing breeder. You can breed him with all norns but female fox norns will give a pure fox baby. He is very energetic and always happy.

Banana Norns

Abu: He is pure Banana norn and has a yellow tint. He loves Moutain Dew and has a wide vocabulary. If you like him send a female soon!

Purple Moutain Norns

Aaron: He is the Cyberlife PMN so he is pure PMN! He is an excellent breeder in my opinon and has excellent babies with lots of neat colors. He is a sure fire answer to picking a stud

Horse Norns

Mickey: He is a pure Horse norn and know all the ENglish words. He is cute and his babies turn out the same and is a great choise for a stud.

Mix Breeds


*NOTE* These norns are my specialty but you cannot have a grorn baby if you do not load this! And you must read the readme included in the file.

Baron: He is now (of course) adult and is still very cute! If you have any female that you would like a baby with grorn in them Baron is the answer!

Bexley: Is a bit odd looking, but if you want an interessting baby then you've found a good father.

Bradley: He is a neat male and has very interessting children. Pick Brad!

Send me your females and the name and breed of the stud you want to breed them to, to this address:

twosocks@cybergal.comI will send your female back with a 70-100% life force and a baby. I will not send you a pregnant female because of sevral reasons. Send with your female a notepad describing age, what they call the hand and special behaviour
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