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I took this story from the first CREATURES newsletter...

Here's a pretty sad story which I hope you'll like:

      It was a bright day in Albia and, overjoyed to discover my Norn Janie had given birth
      to an egg, I quickly picked up the egg and placed it gently in the Incubator. Janie and
      her partner Paolo relaxed in the garden, blissfully unaware of the tragedy that would
      change their lives and all who lived in Albia forever...

      After a short while, the egg hatched, and out popped a baby Norn. He

      looked great, with his silky brown coat and a huge smile on his face. I grabbed a
      nearby honeypot and waved it in front of his face, hoping to get his attention.
      Strangely -nothing happened - the baby's eye window was focused on himself, and it
      did not seem to move, no matter what I did.

      I tried tickling him gently... he laughed, but his eyes did not move. I shuddered in
      fear... was it possible that Paolo and Janie's beautiful little baby was sentenced to
      live in a world of darkness? I named him Keller, after the blind and deaf human
      Hellen Keller, in the hope that my Norn would learn to speak too. Then I spoke to him,
      and to my joy he replied.

      "Dada!" he cried.

      Thank you - there was hope yet! I grabbed the trumpet from the other side of Albia,
      and tried to find a Norn who could play it. In the meantime, Janie and Aunt Bronny
      had discovered the disabled Norn. Frantically they tickled and smacked him,
      encouraging him with cries of "Run Norn" and "Come". As more relatives began to
      notice Keller, they flocked around him forgetting to eat or drink in their desperation
      to help. But Keller could not see, and would not move. However, with the help of the
      other Norns, he began to speak.

      I was at the end of my tether, Keller could not see the food around him,

      and thus could not eat. He was slowly but surely dying. I had to find help. So I got rid
      of the family that crowded around him and brought the one Norn I thought might
      help... his father Paolo. Paolo came quietly to his sonís side and stroked him gently.

      "Run Norn" he cried. But Keller did not respond. Consumed with grief, Paolo began to
      wildly smack Keller. "Run norn!" he yelled, again and again. 

      And then it happened, for some reason that no Norn can understand. Keller began to
      run to his right. I tickled him happily, hoping he would learn to walk. With the rest of
      the family behind him, Keller did learn to walk. He wandered quietly around the
      garden, often standing still for ten minutes at a time. But still he would not eat.

      Knowing that Keller was going to die soon, I took him to the Piano Room,

      where he sat in the lift silently listening to the sounds of the piano. Keller's Aunt
      Bronny stayed by Keller's side, bit he still refused to eat.

      And so, Keller eventually died and his Aunt Bronny never ate again. She seemed to age
      prematurely after his death, and died aged 7 hours. However, out of the ashes of this
      tragedy a miracle occurred. A young adult named Ina, who stayed with Keller for
      quite some time, to my disbelief, bore his child. Despite his huge disability, Keller had
      left Albia with a precious gift, a little girl named Marja.

 From Brian Symon

Linas and Lannie
       Once there was a bright young norn named Linas.  Linas lived in Albia 
surrounded by his close friends and family.  He also had Ella, his 
beloved girlfriend.  Linas and Ella went around the world together, and 
became very close.  Linas and Ella had a few norn foals, a filly named 
Lydia (who unfortunately got lost in my hard drive) a colt named Twoey, 
and another filly named Abby.  However, their good fortune was not to 
Ella somehow ate a poisonous plant, and died right near the goldfish 
bowl.  Linas was devastated.  His Ella, whom he loved and cherished so 
much!  His family didn't know where he was, and so Linas was all alone.  
He wandered aimlessly among the windmill and the beehives, and was in 
danger of becoming like Dale the demented (another story).  However, one 
day there came a beautiful young hatchery norn named Lannie.  Lannie was 
very gentle, and she took care of Twoey.  She brought Twoey to the hootch 
machine, and then she took the lift up to the music room, where Linas 
happened to be!  Linas was, as usual, pouting over Ella, and so he barely 
noticed her.  But then she walked up, entirely forgetting about little 
Twoey, and very gently gave him a kiss.  Linas all of a sudden turned 
rapturous, and kissed her back.  Now they are inseperable.  They aren't 
Albian Exploreres, but they've settled down in the music room and enjoy 
playing music for each other. 

BY: Fancy-Free aka Pilgrim/Colby Girl Albinian Angel of Mercy
Before I begin my story, I would just like to add that it is true right down to every single word. Enjoy! It was a wonderful sunny day in Albia. The birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing, and my first Norn to experience it all was Angel. I called her Angel because she had beautiful long blond hair, and she had a personality of an angel. I pampered Angel with different COBs that I downloaded from Creaturesí sites, and she seemed to be the happiest Norn ever. There were no Grendels in her world, no weeds and no sickness, thanks to the Hand. It all seemed like heaven to Angel until I decided that she needed a friend to share it all with. I went to the hatchery and got a wonderful shiny blue egg, and put it into the incubator. A minute later, a tiny boy Norn came out. He was so cute, with giant emerald-green eyes, and two little horns on his head. I called him Adam. Everything seemed fine at first - Adam learned all the words from the SuperSpeech Toy, and he even began to smile. But when I took him into the garden, that was when it all started. Adam would not eat! No, he would not even look at the food. "Adam push food" I said. Adam looked at the Hand. "Adam food" No response. I began to get worried. Adamís health was seriously dropping from 49% to 33% I decided to give him injections. Nothing helped. Poor Adam was dying! That was when Angel came back from her short journey to the island. She immediately saw Adam, and came up to him with a gentle "Norn". Angel kissed him lovingly on the forehead, and said "Push food" I hopefully looked at them. Adam was looking at her. "Norn", she said "Push food". Adam was still not responding. Then Angel went and picked up a carrot, and came up to Adam, giving him the carrot. "Push food". To my greatest surprise, Adam took the carrot from her, and ate it! I was so incredibly relieved. After that one carrot, Adam started eating with Angelís help at first, and then by himself. His health went up from 21% to 77%. My Angel saved him! When Adam grew up, him and Angel had two wonderful kids, called Belle and Brendon, and from now on, I call her - Albinian Angel of Mercy.
From: Michael Brykov Aqua Norn, Away!
It all started when I bought the Life Kit #1 for my Norns.Albia was filled with celebrities as I named all my NOrns after TV characters and singers.I was amazed by all the objects ready for injection.Every new object amazed my norns even more.Usher chased the reindeer from the Christmas Pack,and Robyn was busy chowing on cocanuts,while Aliyah read Encyclapedia Nornica ( I guess she was preparing to write a 4 page letter,,joke) Mulder and Scully (best friends) were equally excited by the crystal balls.How ironic I thought since you might find such a thing on the X-files. Suddenly all of HOllywood was interupted by one of the Nastiest of all Grendels,Manson! Everyone ran franticly to find a good hidding place. He tore up everything.Mulder called the hand over to him "Mama" he screamed."Pull crystal wawa" he said quikly. after thinking a moment hand responded with a fast "yes". After the hand returned Mulder caught the Grendels eye with a honey jar.When the Grendal approached Mulder handed him the Crystal ball. The Grendel pushed the button unknowingly. And in the water he went.Mulder had done it and recieved a kiss from Emma and Mel C. After the Grendel eventuallty died the Norns used the crystal balls to go for a swim quiet frequently.Always led by Mulder.You should let your Norns try it.
From: Lisa Palmer Love, Death, and the Trumpet (a true story!)
Deablo found himself in Albia. A hand guided him to an elevator which took him to the computer. There, Deablo ate some honey and transported himself into the garden. The hand tickled him gently and Deablo followed the hand into the transporter. He learned speech, which he liked. He learned how to pronounce 'look' on his first try. He went to the garden again. The hand taught him toy and food. The hand saw that Deablo was lonely so it went to the incubator. Deablo missed the hand. He played with the ball, his dark, brown hair flowing in the wind. He couldnít stand it any longer. He walked into the kitchen. He saw the hand, but he also saw her. Her grey, long, flowing hair. Her bushy tail. Her gold fur. Her dark legs. He had found his mate! Her name was Sarie.They kissed and giggled but the hand guided her into the elevator. Deablo followed them up to the computer. Sarie learned language, which she, like Deablo, loved.The hand went to the garden for carrots and the hives for honey. Soon the kitchen floor was piled high with food so the hand put all food into the incubator. The hand saw that Deablo and Sarie were being good so he decided to give them a present. A shiny trumpet was placed before the Norns. No one cared. Deablo went to sleep. The hand was disappointed. The years passed by. Neither Sarie or Deablo took the time to play the trumpet. The trumpet away in the incubator, Deablo and Sarie mated. Then, Deablo died standing up. He stood there. A dead, limp body. Sarie thought he was alive and she kept saying, "run norn." For five months, Sarie mourned for Deablo. All she did was sleep, eat honey, and look at Deabloís body. Then, the body disappeared. He had left nothing, except something that would show itself later. When it had been seven months since Deablo had died, Sarie walked over to the Morning glory plant and ate one of itís flowers. She walked back to the house and crouched down. A bright, blue egg appeared in Albia. Sarie was feeling hot so the hand guided her to the shower. While Sarie was gone, the egg hatched. Deablo and Sarieís son, Kevin appeared. The hand placed the trumpet in front of the new-born. He walked over, picked it up, and blew. His beautiful melody was heard throughout Albia, even in the shower. Hearing the beautiful piece, Sarie laid down, closed her eyes, and died.
By : SKL714

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