Pet Store

Welcome to the Albian Pet Store. Download pets for your norns!

Ants: Ants for your norns, complete with anthill.
Cow: A cow for your norns.
Duck: A duck for your norns!
Frog: Frogs for norns... they go through the life cycle too!
Hungry Dog: A dog that eats food... the norns love this dog. It is norns best friend!
Kitty: A Kitty Cat for your norns.
Komodo Dragon: A big lizard from the Komodo Islands... called the komodo dragon now for your norns!
Ladybug: A ladybug that flies!
mouse: Eeek a mouse!
doggy: Another puppy for albia!
safe bees: Bees that are safe for norns!
T-Rex: A T-Rex that scares the grendel!

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