Norn Club</head>
I, Two Socks have started a norn club! Yes thats right a norn club! Becoming a member means:-You can enter norn shows (explained at the bottom)
-You get a neat norn pack with cool stuff four times a year!
-Cool contests
-And More
If you have any ideas for the norn club please submit them!

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Norn Show

A norn show is like a horse show... It is where you enter your norns in different classes with different guidelines. If you dont under stand E-Mail me
Here are the classes

The divisions are B=Baby C=Child A=Adolesent A+=Adult P=Pensioner
-Cutest Norn (B)
-Cutest Norn (C)
-Cutest Norn (A)
-Cutest Norn (A+)
-Cutest Norn (P)
-Cutest Grendel
-Obidience class (B and C)
-Obidience class (A and A+)
-Obidience class (P)
-Obidience class Grendel
-100 meter dash (B and C)
-100 meter dash (A and A+)
-100 meter dash (P)
-100 meter dash Grendel
-food eating contest (B,C,A,A+ and P)
-food eating contest Grendel
-Most interesting looking Norn (B,C,A,A+ and P)
Send your Norns and tell you friends! When I get enough norns for a show (10+) then I will anounce it... So hurry and send in your norns. Please include the info about what class and what divison your norn is in!
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