Adoption center

Some of these norn have edited sprites so you need to download these files, and
Adopt a norn and give them a good home. Send any cool or interesting your norns to me. Well enjoy these little sweeties!


This is a yellow banana norn. She is sweet and produces pretty cool colored babies. Download this norn


This is a male banana norn. He is very normal and the only reason I posted him that he is a good breeder when he matures! Download this norn


This is a green banana norn that is an excellent breeder! This norn was given to me from: Cave
Download this norn


This is a pure PMN Purple Mountain Norn. She breeds well and is a real sweet this norn


I have had This norn for so long you wouldn't believe it! When she died I bring her back from zip! Anyway she is a great breeder and she gives some real cool babies! download this norn

Annie Girl

A couldn't keep annie in my world so you can for me!!! She is real sweet. Download this norn


Melvin doesn't, for some reason, work for me but he does work for other people. He has a green hat and a blond beard! He is cool, If he works! I hope he Works for you! Download this norn


Frenchy I soooo cute she is one of the cutest norns I have ever seen! She belongs to TinyTim. download this norn.

Some of these norns are in .exp format and some in .zip. If you dont have winzip for the zipped norns you must download it
Mail your norns to me and I'll post them!